Stories and articles from our community

Celebrating Collaboration at the Deafblind International Conference

In the heart of July, the CNIB Deafblind Community Services (DBCS) team embarked on an enriching journey to the 18th International World Conference hosted by Deafblind International. This week-long event, held at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa, welcomed more than 600 participants, including individuals who are Deafblind, researchers, interpreters, intervenors, support professionals, community organizations, and stakeholders from across the world

The DBCS team poses for a photo at the gala for the Deafblind International Conference.

Black History Month: All About Michaëlle Jean

February is Black History Month. Black History Month is about honouring the enormous contributions that Black people have made, and continue to make, in all sectors of society. In honour of this important awareness month, one of our clients, Diane Lodge, shared her article, “All About Michaëlle Jean.”

Michaëlle Jean