ASL: Deafblind International Conference

In the heart of July, the CNIB Deafblind Community Services (DBCS) team embarked on an enriching journey to the 18th International World Conference hosted by Deafblind International. This week-long event, held at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa, welcomed more than 600 participants, including individuals who are Deafblind, researchers, interpreters, intervenors, support professionals, community organizations, and stakeholders from across the world.

The conference proved to be a resounding success, and was a great opportunity to have important conversations and to discuss research within the field of Deafblindness. Attendees has the opportunity to listen to engaging guest speakers, and hear from researchers from all across the world.

Attendees also had the chance to visit booths during breaks between sessions. Both CNIB and DBCS hosted booths, with CNIB at the SmartLife table, demonstrating the latest accessible products, and DBCS at the Certification Booth.

However, the conference's most significant message centered around the importance of collaboration. It served as a genuine opportunity for individuals to come together as a global community. Together, we reflected on our progress, while also imagining a brighter future for all people who are Deafblind.

“Even though we are fairly far advanced, there are people who are even more advanced than Canada. So, you get to really appreciate where you are…it’s motivation on both sides – to know your past…but know that your future can be even brighter,” said Penny Bennett, Chair of the DBCS Board of Directors.