COVID-19 and Our Services

Important update: In response to provincial public health updates, DBCS has transitioned in-person literacy programs to virtual delivery.

We will continue to offer both virtual and in-person Intervenor and Emergency Intervenor Services because they are considered essential. Existing appointments for in-community and in-home Intervenor Services will continue as scheduled.

Learn more about how CNIB Deafblind Community Services is continuing to provide services to our clients, the steps we’re taking to ensure the health and safety of our clients and staff, and other important information from our COVID-19 Resource Centre. The Canadian COVID Alert app is now available in six provinces. Please download it to your phone today.

Who We Are

CNIB Deafblind Community Services is one of Canada’s leading providers of specialized support and emergency services for people who are Deafblind. Our services enable people who are Deafblind to maximize their independence and engagement with the world around them.

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Programs and Services

We offer several programs and services to the Deafblind community. These include Intervenor Services (including Emergency Intervenor Services) and our Literacy Program.

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There are many things happening at CNIB’s Deafblind Community Services. You can read all about it here.

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