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Welcome to Vibrations, DBCS’s client newsletter. Twice a year, members of the DBCS community come together to share stories and updates. Read Vibrations to learn more about the latest events, new and exciting information, and to stay updated on everything that’s happening at DBCS.

Why the name “Vibrations”?

When trying to come up with a name for our first client newsletter, one of our committee members reached out to John Lee Clark, a Deafblind author. John thought of the name “Vibrations” and we loved it. 

“Vibrations are an important part of the Deafblind experience. We can feel it when someone is approaching, or when we celebrate, we would stomp on the floor to create huge vibrations. But there are other meanings, too,” says John. “Energy, mood, and what lingers with us long after the event, things that we experienced living on in our minds for a long time afterwards.”