Help us break down barriers

DBCS is proud to work alongside Canadians who are Deafblind to smash social and systemic barriers and advocate for an inclusive society. The DBCS Ambassador Program aims to amplify the voices of people who are Deafblind by raising awareness, changing perceptions, and inspiring change in communities across Canada.

A DBCS client smiles while holding his cane. An intervenor stands beside him, with a big smile on her face.

Join the Ambassador Program

Ambassadors are individuals who are Deafblind who have benefited from DBCS programs and services. When you join the Ambassador Program, you’ll be helping make an impact by telling your story your way. 

Ambassadors have the opportunity to share their stories and educate the public in a variety of settings including schools, corporate and healthcare spaces, and other community locations. During these presentations, ambassadors highlight the needs, experiences, and challenges faced by people who are Deafblind. 

To learn more or sign up, contact us today.