In the last five years, we’ve witnessed a movement of change. More provinces and communities are highlighting and prioritizing the need for Deafblind services to be available from coast to coast to coast. These changes have represented critical milestones for our community – but it’s not enough.  

There are still countless Canadians who are Deafblind who are unable to access the critical services they need, simply because of where they live.  

A man holds his hand out. An intervenor uses print on palm to communicate with the client.

The time for change is now.


We must work together to develop new and innovative ways to ensure Canadians who are Deafblind have everything they need, want, and deserve to lead safe, independent, and fulfilling lives.  

Together, we will advocate for a limitless future for Deafblind Canadians – one where they can access the services they need no matter where they reside.