How long have you been a client of Deafblind Community Services?

“I was a client with DBS in the 1980’s when Lynn W. was the DBS manager for Hamilton, Niagara, Branford and the London area, although I did not receive personal intervention until the early 2000’s.”

How has being Deafblind impacted your life?

“Being Deafblind has certainly limited my attendance in situations or activities because when not seeing or hearing what is happening around me is very lonely as it is like being in a crowded room and at the same time being all by yourself.”

How has intervention impacted your life?

“Without intervention I would not be able to participate like others and do my everyday business as well as attend social functions.”

What would you like to tell other people about Deafblindness or intervention?

“Generally Deafblind persons are able to be part of society, like others, and just need some assistance in order to know what is being said or/and given some visual feedback of their surroundings.”

Why is Deafblind awareness important to you?

“I am hoping that Deafblind Awareness will convince as many persons as possible how important intervention is for Deafblind individuals.”


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