June is Deafblind Awareness Month

Deafblind Awareness Month was started in 2015 as a way to help Canadians develop an understanding of, and a comfort with, the people in our communities who live with Deafblindness..

We encourage you to spread the word about Deafblindness and make a wave from coast to coast. Follow CNIB on Facebook and Twitter and share our stories to raise awareness about Deafblindness and the abilities of individuals who are living with a combined loss of hearing and vision.

To celebrate, we talked to clients and staff so that we could share their stories with you. Enjoy!

Client Profile: Greg Barnett

Guest Blog: ‘Why I want to be an Intervenor’ by Emily Bannon

Client Q & As
Donna Van Esch
Edna Currie
Elsie Maye
George Tourond
James Fitzpatrick
Jennifer Finlay
John and Jane, Client and Spouse
Kristeen Elliott
Laurie Goldthorpe
Michelle Smedes
Philip Osborn
R. D.
Ruth Keene
Sofi Blazeski, Daughter of Client
Wendy Chipman

Staff Q & As
Dawn White, Specialist, Intervention
Melinda Allen, Specialist, Intervention
Sarah Darlucio, Supervisor Deafblind Community Services

Friend of DBCS Q & A

Sarah, Senior Midwifery Clerk