John and Jane, Client and Spouse

*John’s perspective: “I never really considered myself a person who is Deafblind, even though I’ve had to deal with my vision and hearing loss all of my life. I was raised by my mother and family to do whatever I’d like to do, and to be independent, with the understanding that I might have to modify activities or accommodate for my vision and hearing loss. The Deafblind description is accurate, but it felt like an unnecessary label to define who I am. Throughout my life, people could describe me as Deafblind, but that’s not how I would describe myself. My visual and hearing impairments never stopped me from participating in most activities. I’m comfortable discovering what my limits are, as a person who is Deafblind, and I’m okay with them. I don’t worry about my limitations, I just take them as they come. I use past experiences to help me approach new situations. Being Deafblind never stops me from enjoying my life. ”

*Jane’s perspective: “Wonderful partner. Amazing father. Great friend. Funny, loyal, kind, independent, smart, resourceful. These are just some of the many ways I would describe my husband. Deafblind is also technically an accurate description, but it’s honestly never defined our relationship or how I relate to him.

I’m always aware that he has hearing loss and low vision, but I’m equally aware that he has always found ways to compensate for it. When we go out, I’m happy to read signs, prices, or to describe smaller details. In return, he has a sense of direction I’ve never possessed. We work well together as a team, we trust each other, and we rely on one another.

He has never let his vision or hearing loss interfere with how he enjoys his life, and neither do I. Whether we’re at home looking after our baby, with friends and family, relaxing with books and video games, or enjoying a local C*4 wrestling show, we always have fun. I am happy, and lucky, to have such a wonderful partner.”

* Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals


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