Jennifer Finlay

Book under a magnifier“I live in Ontario and am a client of Deafblind Community Services. I’m also in the Deafblind Literacy Program.

I do reading, spelling, and writing. I used to struggle with reading, writing, and spelling, and now I’m reading chapter books, writing stories, and as much as I hate spelling, I’m improving day by day. I’m also doing better at sounding out words.

There are lots of people with literacy challenges, but Deafblind literacy is important because it’s fit to Deafblind people who may have struggled through school. There are not many people with knowledge to work with Deafblind people the right way. My Deafblind literacy teacher, Chantal is a good person to work with.

I like my intervention time to get to know people like Shari and Sherill, my intervenors. They are helping me to get out of my shell and get comfortable using my cane more, and other things like shopping and doing more things out in the community.”


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