Edna Currie

How long have you been a client of Deafblind Community Services?

“Under 1 year.”

How has being Deafblind impacted your life?

“It’s limited very much. Being in the country, I don’t have services.”

How has intervention impacted your life?

“Great deal. It helps me with my mail, papers, shopping. Otherwise, I’m stuck.”

What would you like to tell other people about Deafblindness or intervention?

“If you try to ignore it, you’re only cheating yourself. All kinds of people live with it and have for years, and life is what you make it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

Why is Deafblind awareness important to you?

“Because my mother was Deafblind. My mother, grandmother, and I all had Macular Degeneration. My brother was a deaf-mute.”


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