Our Mission and Values


To provide specialized support and emergency services that enable people who are Deafblind to maximize their independence and engagement with the world around them.


Empowerment: We take bold, decisive action to move our mission forward and empower people impacted by Deafblindness to find their courage, raise their voices and achieve their goals.

Inclusiveness: We are a community that welcomes all. We embrace one another’s differences and we break down communication barriers that would exclude anyone from being meaningfully engaged in our world.

Innovation: We embrace new ideas and opportunities that can improve accessibility, inclusion and quality of life for people with Deafblindness.

Passion: We care deeply about our clients and place them and their needs at the centre of all we do.

Collaboration: We believe that to make change happen, we need to bring people, ideas and resources together in new and exciting combinations. Teamwork is fundamental to our success.

Integrity: We value the trust of our clients and partners, and uphold the highest standards